Travelin’….The Great Ocean Road

Photography and the Great Ocean Road ….. great travel partners! Pounding surf, wide sandy beaches and the Twelve Apostles are but a few of the many scenes to be encountered.

The Great Ocean Road stretches for 243 kilometers between Torquay and Allansford on the south-east coast of Australia. National Geographic and Fodar’s travel publications were research sources that told us that this part of Australia was a ‘must visit’. With great anticipation we looked forward to this segment of our Australian trip.

Planning is crucial for a successful trip. Even the smallest idea can make all the difference. Friends from Australia visited us several months prior to our departure. Their advice….”Make sure you travel the Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Allansford!” “Why”, I wondered? The answer was simple and it made a huge difference to our trip.

In Australia, driving lanes are opposite to what they are here in North America. Australians and New Zealanders drive in the left lane. Driving the Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Allansford meant that we would be on the ocean side of the road making it very easy to stop at the many scenic view point along the road. A simple point but crucial to successfully navigating this narrow twisting road.

We stopped often. There was so much to photograph. For the most part I used my Nikon d200 with an 18mm to 70mm lens. Occasionally, I used my 70mm to 300mm lens. Equipment can be bulky and weighty. This can be an issue with airlines. Keeping the equipment list short is a good idea. Next trip, I resolved to take only my 18mm to 135mm lens. It has proven to be a very good lens when we travel.

Queenscliff to Lorne

Riding the Waves


Surf was high on our drive down the Great Ocean Road. Surfers were in abundance. The coastal town of Lorne was a neat little town where surfers gathered to strut their stuff.  Further on the Twelve Apostles guarded the coastal cliffs.

The Great Ocean Road is spectacular. Part of the overall trip between Melbourne and Adelaide it took 5 days to navigate. Small towns, wonderful scenery topped off with great hospitality  make it a ‘must do again’ when we make a return visit.

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