Modern Buildings surround the Circular Quay

Anxious to get out with my camera the morning after our arrival in Sydney several years ago, I headed first to McDonalds across the street from our hotel. A free internet connection there would allow me to check for email and announce our safe arrival to friends at home.  Out the door, across the sidewalk, a quick check for traffic on the left and as I was about to step off the sidewalk… a horn blared!!! Traffic comes from the right in Australia. I narrowly missed becoming a hood ornament on a bus. A geezer’s life can be an adventure!

Sydney is a dream come true for a photographer. Wrapped around a large natural harbour Sydney serves as the gateway to a wonderful and mysterious country. I was struck by its rich history, its multicultural flavor and its magnificent architecture.

Our hotel, situated about 2 km from the Circular Quay was just a stone’s throw from the free ‘Hop On Hop Off’ shoppers’ bus stop and was just down the street from the Central Railway station. A day pass on the transit system gave us access to the subway, the buses and the harbour ferries. With passes in had we spent 4 days touring the harbour with a stop over in Manley, strolled on Bondi Beach, visited the town to Cronulla  and the Darling Harbour district. And of course, we wandered extensively in the Circular Quay and downtown area. All the while I made sure my camera was very busy.

My 18 to 70 mm was my ‘go to’ lens on this trip. It turned out to be a very good ‘walk around’ lens. The only difficulty I encountered was at night. I did not bring a tripod on the trip and had no other way of keeping my camera still for night shots. So I improvised. With the camera on ‘manual’, I set the shutter speed so that I could safely hand hold my camera. Then I experimented with the ISO and aperture until I could record an image with decent resolution and depth of field. As long as I could stand firmly and brace the camera will with my hands and arms my results were fairly good. Had I shot in RAW I would have been able to use the power of my software to make some very good images.

In my next post I will leave my Australian trip for a week or so. My focus will be on the steps I have taken in learning about digital photography.

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