Organized…all my photos in one place….finished! Right? ….Wrong!!!

I’m really pleased that all my photos are now organized in Lightroom 5. Working between Aperture and Lightroom was tough.The real work now is about to begin. My images need to be rated. Obviously, that is a job that should have occurred when I first brought them into my library.

I’ve begun that task. Its not really a negative. Time consuming for sure but reviewing my images is similar to opening up the attic and delving into boxes of old family photos that have been stored away for years. You sit down and just look at them.

Memories of past shoots and trips are rekindled as I work through my files. And, surprise, surprise I’m finding some pretty neat images that I forgot about long ago.

My wife and I like to travel. Australia and New Zealand are destinations we treasured.  We hope to return there some day. In the past few years we’ve wintered in Arizona. Each time we’ve travelled there with our truck and 5th wheel trailer. Those trips have also been memorable. As were the photo opportunities.

What’s interesting is that that since I captured some of these images I’ve learned a lot. I’m much more comfortable with the development tools that Lightroom offers. My familiarity with plugins from Nik and Topaz is allowing me to visualize creative possibilities that these rediscovered images might offer.

Reviewing and rating my images should reveal many ‘new’ images for me to develop. I’m looking forward to getting them on my website and to discussing them on my blog.

Silhouette of the New Alsea Bridge at sunrise frames seagull in flight.

Silhouette of the New Alsea Bridge at sunrise frames seagull in flight.

A trip down the Oregon Coast Highway remains one of our favorite routes to Arizona. Gorgeous blue water, clear skies, early morning fog and huge waves crashing on the rocks were a photographer’s heaven.

The New Alsea Bay Bridge at Walport, Oregon where we camped was an interesting challenge. I worked through sunset into the late evening capturing a series of images in continuously reducing light. The next morning at sunrise I was out there again. I was happy with my results. This image, in my opinion, is defined by the seagull in the centre of the span.

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