On to New Learning: Image Explorations 2015

Leaving a tap on in a bathroom sink is never and good idea. Leaving it on with the stopper in is an even worse idea. The resulting damage to our living room ceiling is one of the reasons I haven’t been out with my camera the last while. I don’t like ‘self inflicted’ calamities. But that’s what happened 2 weeks ago. Getting our living room back to normal will take awhile.

Artography is going well…lots of visitors, many positive comments. It’s time now to get my mind back to photography and making new images.

On Saturday I’ll fly to Victoria and then drive up to Shawnigan Lake, B.C. for the 2015 version of Image Explorations. IE, an almost weeklong school, is popular with professional photographers and serious amateurs. I especially like the comaraderie and friendliness of the whole experience. It feels like a retreat …a great learning experience.

Sometimes, the courses I’ve selected have been a real challenge. Remember, I’m a Geezer. Although sometimes late, ‘Aha moments’ do occur. I have been able to increase my ability to use my computer as the digital darkroom. I’ve also learned a great deal about the software I now use with a much greater degree of ease.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s course, Fine Art Photography, with instructor Laurie Klien. She has asked participants to bring a selection of images that would reflect their photographic style. That’s been my task this week. It’s fun to review past photo shoots and discover interesting images that were long ago passed over and forgotten about.

Classic_Wrecks_034-Edit-EditI love to photograph old rusty cars lying in fields or back yards. They present so many creative possibilities. This image resulted from a shoot I did several years ago near Salmon Arm, B.C. The owner, a rough looking fellow who owned a gravel pit and antique car museum combination, allowed me to wander about his property where he had around 200 old beauties stored. This Edsel made by Ford and named after one of the sons didn’t do well. It was not on the market for very long. I think the front end shown here was one of a number of design problems.

The flowering weeds under the radiator and the peeling paint I thought, made an interesting composition. With the help of Topaz Glow and Nik’s Viveza I came up with this lively creation.

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