Northward: A Long Drive Home

The end to our winter sojourn in Arizona is fast approaching. By this time on Friday we will be half way to Las Vegas. After a mandatory visit to the casino to deposit our $20.00 limit and a smorgasbord dinner at Sam’s Town we will turn in early. The drive on Saturday to Jackpot, NV will be long. The landscape is far from interesting. Once into Oregon, however, the scenery improves measurably as does our interest.

Three months in Arizona provided many opportunities to discover interesting places to photograph. There is no doubt, though that our three-day trip to the Grand Canyon was the highlight. I made a lot of photographs of the canyon. Some I loved. Many I did not. I could have done better. Next time, hopefully in 2017, I will spend more time researching the canyon and its photographic opportunities.

A lonesome tree clings to the rim of the Grand Canyon.

A lonesome tree clings to the rim of the Grand Canyon.

In the meantime, I will savor the memories of the places we visited, the people we met, and our many friends who shared their lives and experiences with us. And I will remember those who have passed on and those who for medical reasons can no longer spend time in Arizona. Knowing them has been such a privilege.

Kelowna, B.C. is home. We are looking forward to being reunited with our son, Jeff and his family, Trish, Cam and Kyle. The downside of being away is missing their activities, especially the hockey games that Cam and Kyle play. But with spring, I will be at the ballpark with my camera watching them enjoy their second favorite sport.

When next I post an article to my blog it will be from Kelowna. Likely, I will already have been out shooting with my friends in the Thursday Morning Shooters Group. So many images to make, so many adventures await. Its all good!!

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