Down A Rabbit Hole…Head First

Ten days ago I was ready to post an article to my blog. But, I was unable to upload images to the post. I delayed posting the article until I heard from tech support at Photocrati, my theme package provider.

Their advice was to upgrade to the newest version of my theme. I started in the preferred browser, Chrome. And so my troubles began.

Chrome is not my regular browser so did not have my passwords recorded. Passwords I had written in my notebook failed to work. I was stuck. After trying several failed attempts to log into my blog’s admin panel my hosting company locked me out: Error 406. Then inadvertently I did something to my keychain access. It was as if I had dived down a rabbit hole, head first. The deeper I went the greater the trouble I got into.

After a stay at the local Mac store my computer’s keychain was fixed. Finally today, after several emails back and forth with Photocrati’s tech support I’m again able to post articles to my blog with images include.


While all of this was going on I travelled to Victoria and managed to get out shooting several times. The accompanying image was captured on a foggy morning at Mount Douglas Park. I’ll write more about this shoot in a later post but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the image as much as I enjoyed making it.


A Surreal View of the Beach at Mt. Douglas Park

A Surreal View of the Beach at Mt. Douglas Park

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