Camera Walk and a Pitbull

Photography was top of mind on the Labour Day weekend. We had camped with friends near Salmon Arm, B.C. I really wanted to photograph the salmon run at Scotch Creek and I found out that a classic car museum nearby had new owners and had reopened. Sunday I golfed. Saturday and Monday I was out with my camera.

The salmon were spawning. I managed a few good shots. If I had used a polarizer on my lens I would have had a better selection. Another memory lapse by the geezer!

Monday morning I was off to the classic car museum. A great variety of collectables was on display as well as four beautifully restored classics. The best was a 1955 Ford Fairlane. What a beauty! My interest, however, was in the relics outside.

I’m not a car guy. I can’t identify one model from another without looking at the name plate. Rust, peeled paint, dents and texture are what I like to photograph.

Lining up a shot I noticed a tall fellow headed my way. Sun glasses, a black t-shirt, dirty jeans, long hair in dreadlocks and a cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth created an image that made me think about where I had parked my truck. It turned out that he was the owner and just wanted to talk about his cars. Deep down I think he was hoping I would buy one of his wrecks.

We talked. I explained that I really liked photographing these old relics. He said he had 200 more on a nearby property. My interest was obvious so he gave me the directions. I was off.

When I got there I did not see the owner’s truck. Not wanting to enter the property without him being there I took few shots of an old  Volkswagon bus and a 60’s vintage Land Rover that were resting beside the road. You never know who lives on these rural properties or for that matter what is growing there.

As I worked my way around these old timers I noticed his truck. Down the road I went! Out of the corner of my eye something was running beside my truck. A pitbull!!! First thought, “Don’t get of the truck!”. But the 200 old wrecks came into view. I kept going. I drove up to my new found friend. I got out and was introduced to ‘Mini’ the pitbull.

Classic car bodies rust in the sun.

Classic car bodies rust in the sun.

My mind was screaming, “Who would name a pitbull ‘Mini’?” Her mouth could easily take in my fist.  She sniffed and licked my hand.  A taste test for sure. She wandered off. I guess she didn’t like old meat. I headed in the opposite direction looking for a good spot to begin photographing this wonderful collection of past beauties.

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