A Black and White World

Happy New Year!!! I hope you have made it safely and in good health through this holiday season and that your Christmas was enjoyable and full of fun and celebration.

During the days between Christmas and New Years Day I went out for a camera walk along the creek in the Mission Creek Regional Park

in Kelowna, B.C. It had snowed several days previous and with a warming wind I thought I had better get out before the snow dropped off of the trees.

Trees cling to the bluff above Mission Creek

Trees cling to the bluff above Mission Creek

There was a calm beauty in the air as I made my way along the trail. Snow carpeted the ground and clung to the trees. It was quiet. Only the sound of water bubbling past rocks in the creek and the quiet chatter of a few passing hikers broke the silence. What a great time to be out with my camera!

Settling into my hike I started framing images in my mind. Tall trees hanging onto a bluff above the creek, red berries hanging on a few winter bound bushes and water coursing between rocks and fallen logs all made for interesting image opportunities.

I like to visualize snowy compositions in black and white with all the tones in between. There were several I felt would work out very well as black and whites.

Other than the composition, my main challenge was to accurately render the snow so that it wasn’t blown out in my image. To do this I relied on my histogram and the highlights function on the rear screen of my camera to capture an image with as full a tonal range as possible. A few test shots were required.

With the highlights function active areas of the image  that are blown out will flash on the screen. Adjustments made with  exposure compensation dial will ultimately result in an image that has a full range of tones and no blown out areas.

After an hour or so with fifty or so images in my camera I ended my hike. I looked forward to getting them onto my computer to begin the process of rating and developing.


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  1. Brenda Larson January 3, 2015 at 6:59 pm #

    Lucky you to get out while the trees were still laden with snow. Beautiful shot. Looks like there will be more snowy trees soon!

    • Stu Dale January 4, 2015 at 8:23 am #

      Thanks for commenting. I’m looking forward to getting out later today or tomorrow morning. I see on FB that you are heading to warmer weather on Tuesday. Have a great trip! We head back to Mesa on the 13th.

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